MSc Computer Science with Placement

MSc in Computer Science is an ideal course to figure graduates who are seeking to pursue computer Technology. Through this course the understudies will accomplish the improvement of cutting edge logical and specialized aptitudes in core areas of computer science, which include programming, development of intelligent systems and networking and students get a problem solving skills which are required for application to real world tasks.  Doing final project students will  demonstrate a deep and systematic understanding of a selected area within computer science, including theoretical and methodological approaches issues at the forefront of research or professional practice in that area. This project will show a clear cut idea to the students who are becoming part of this course.


  • Research Methodologies and Project Management
  • Network Systems and Administration
  • Intelligent Systems and Data Mining
  • Distributed and parallel Computing Technologies
  • MSc Project – Computer Science
  • MSc Project with Placement – Computer Science

Benefit of Placement

  • Improved job opportunities
  • Work placements offer the perfect opportunity to gain this kind of exposure to the workplace whilst still studying. An employer seeing any work placements on your CV will be more likely to consider you for the position.
  • Experience of teamwork and development of interpersonal skills
    A work placement will allow students to gain experience of this first hand and develop your own teamwork and interpersonal skills, which will make student a more rounded and attractive candidate for any employer.
  • Awareness of current developments in the sector
    A work placement will allow students to question and work with people who work in your chosen career. They will be able to give you a good, personal insight into what the job entails and what has been developing in the industry. This kind of direct and specialist knowledge will often set you apart from other candidates looking for a job.
  • More placement students go on to achieve high grades and better degrees
    The additional skills and knowledge gained during a work placement can often be directly applied to your studies and applied correctly can lead to better grades. This, in turn, will help you progress to the next stage of your career path more effectively.
  • Chance of a firm offer of employment
    Performing well on a work placement can often lead to a firm job offer at the end of it. Even if it doesn’t, the placement will have put you in contact with people who may well be able to help you enter and progress into your chosen career. 

Career Opportunities

Choosing MSc Computing the students will get a fruitful career designated as IT Consultant, Program developer, Data Analyst and Project Manager. The University will provide the students to get a better designation in every software field.

Entry requirements

A good equivalent degree in a computer related subject or graduation in any other subject with a good computer knowledge and minimum second class in specific degree.

IELTS and work experience are not mandatory.

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